Can you do....

Yes, we do everything. Just ask. Don't be shy.


What kind of printing do you do?

We offer all types of printing: silkscreens, transfers, embroidery, custom names, numbers, etc. If you don't know what you need...we'll help you figure it out! If you have any special requests for your printing needs, just let us know.

Screenprinting- This is the most common print method. Each ink color (in each location) is printed using its own screen. Price is based on # of colors and locations.

Embroidery- Typically used on hats, jackets, bags, etc. Price is based on stitchcount/size.

DTG (Direct to Garment)- Used when printing photos/lots of colors/low quantities, soft feel to it, best on white or light shirt

Heat Transfer- Used when printing photos/lots of colors/low quantities, rubbery feel to it, can be done on any color shirt

Tackle Twill- Custom cut letters/designs sewn onto garments (such as Greek letters, sports jerseys, etc)

Process printing- Used to simulate full color designs by mixing inks wet on wet, can be done on all colors


How do I place an order?

There's four ways to get started with an order:

1. Submit all of the info you have on our Start an Order page. Even if you don't have all of the information finalized, fill out as much as you can so we have a good starting point for discussion. Once we receive the quote request, we'll be in touch ASAP.

2. Reach out to your campus rep!

3. Email us! You can email us directly at

4. Text us at 917-745-3456!


I'm looking for (insert product here) you have it?

The products we feature on our website represent about 2% of what we can print on. Instead of overwhelming you with options, we've displayed our most popular and simple options. We have literally thousands of options across hundreds of brands. Something special you want us to print on? Tell us, and we'll get it for you, no problem.

How much will my order cost?

The most important question! But there's no simple answer. Prices on each order can fluctuate greatly based on quantity ordered, sizes, number of colors printed on the front/back, etc. Fortunately, we will always help you out by explaining exactly why something costs what it costs, and we'll always recommend ways to stay within your budget.

Generally speaking, white shirts are less costly than dark shirts, fewer colors in your design are cheaper than more colors, and the higher the quantity of shirts you order, the lower the price will be per shirt.

Products with higher quality fabrics or special features tend to be more costly than those without. When you contact us with a quote request or a design in the Design Studio, we'll present you with many different product options that best fit your need, and sometimes we'll be able to offer products not yet listed on our site. Either way, we'll always find something that works in your price range.


I'm not artistic, can someone else come up with a design for me?

Of course! We have our own artists that can work with you to create the perfect design for you. Just submit to us your idea on the Start an Order page or email us at and enter as much information you can about the design you'd like. One of our artists will work with you to come up with something perfect for you.


I'm in a fraternity/sorority and we're only allowed to buy our apparel from licensed Greek retailers. Can we buy from you?

Clothes On Inc. is a licensed Greek retailer! We're very proud to have a relationship with the numerous fraternities and sororities we're licensed by, and continually add licenses from more and more of the organizations.




What's your minimum quantity?

Just 1! Just keep in mind that price per piece gets exponentially more expensive the lower the quantity, so the more friends you can recruit to join your group order, the lower the cost for everyone!


What's the turnaround time for an order?

From the time you approve your final proof to the time we ship your product to you is roughly 7 business days (if we're super busy, it could be 10, but we'll always let you know). Pretty quick! However, if you need it sooner, let us know, and we can usually work something out, and there's never an additional fee. We've turned around orders in as little as 36 hours!

Just to be safe, we recommend you initiate the design process at least two-three weeks in advance, just in case there needs to be some changes made from your original design, but the communication from our end is always very quick.


How do I pay for my order?

You can pay for your order by credit card in our secure shopping cart. You may also pay by check, either by mailing it to us or by giving it to your campus rep; however, we must receive payment before getting to work on your order, so give a few more days of lead time if paying by check. We also accept Venmo payments (please ask us!)


Can I have everyone in my group pay for their items individually?

Yes, if you prefer to have everyone pay for their order individually rather than making one bulk payment, just ask us and we'll set up a group order link for everyone to pay. However, there are three rules for group order links:

1. The organizer must specify how long to keep the link active for. 10-14 days before the items need to be delivered is usually a safe deadline date.

2. The organizer must specify a minimum to be ordered so that we can price the items accordingly. This minimum must be met by the deadline date (#1 above) for the order to take place. Otherwise, all orders will be refunded.

3. All of the items must be shipped to one place**

Once the deadline is hit, the order link will be closed, the order organizer will receive a list of orders + sizes for distribution, and the products will be shipped 7-10 days AFTER the order link has been closed. As a custom apparel company, we produce all of the items together in one batch, and only after the order link has been closed will we know how many to produce.

**Shipping to individual customers (rather than shipping together as a bulk order) is available, although each customer will be charged individually for shipping. Shipping to individual customers may add a few days to the turnaround time, although we will always do our best to ship within 7-10 days of the order link being deactivated


How do I set up a group order link?

The same way you initiate a bulk order! Once we finalize the design, rather than send you an invoice and a bulk payment link, we'll provide you an order link to send around to all of those interested in purchasing.

1. Submit all of the info you have on our Start an Order page. Even if you don't have all of the information finalized, fill out as much as you can so we have a good starting point for discussion. Once we receive the quote request, we'll be in touch ASAP.

2. Reach out to your campus rep!

3. Email us! You can email us directly at

4. Text us at 917-745-3456!


What are campus reps?

Campus reps are students just like you on your campus who think Clothes On is just as cool as we do, and decided to work for us! Campus reps are around to answer questions about the company, guide you through the order process, let you know about the promotions and discounts we're running at any given time (we always are), and generally act as our eyes and ears on your campus so we can be even better for you.


I don't think we have a campus rep on my campus...

So become one! We're constantly looking to expand on as many campuses as we can, so who better than you? Just drop us an email at and we'll get back to your ASAP.


Who can I contact to discuss partnerships, advertising, or promotional opportunities?

Contact us here!